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Special Memories

When the idea of a Daddy Daughter Dance was brought up, I said to myself, “Wow, that is a great idea. We have never done it before, but let’s do it. It will bring families closer together.” There were 72 dads that signed up along with 87 daughters, representing all congregations. Instructions were given to all the dads before their special date with their daughter(s). It was going to be a night that the daughter would remember for the rest of her life. For many, it was their first date ever with their dad.

The dads and their daughters dressed up, and the dads modeled how gentlemen should act on a date. Each couple entered the church on a balloon-flanked pink “carpet”, and each dad presented his daughter with a wrist corsage. The
carpet led first to a photo booth for a professional photo, then to the balloon-arched entrance to the chapel. They entered a wonderfully-decorated fellowship room with large tissue poms, lights, even a mirror ball, and a lavish dessert spread. It was a fun-filled evening of dancing, laughing, talking, eating, and playing games. The girls really enjoyed cheering for their dads during the limbo contest. There was such great joy and happiness. It was an evening to be cherished by both dads and daughters, hopefully to be the beginning of many dates that dads would have with their daughters.

This wonderful event not only bonded families closer together, but it also bonded the church closer together. The planning committee consisted of members from all congregations. It was a united effort with scores of people
participating. There was a special buzz in the air as twenty ladies gathered together in the conference room making decoration and wrist corsages. The ladies were laughing and fellowshipping as they worked together. May we continue to serve together!