PayPal Giving Fund





The PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF) enables you to make your offerings with a credit card but note the following restrictions:

  • You must have, or sign up for, a personal PayPal account to make the donation to PPGF for HCC’s benefit
  • PPGF does not allow you to designate your donation because there is no “memo line” feature, so all PPGF donations to HCC will default to the General Fund with the following exceptions:
    • If you are fulfilling your Pearland Pledge, please use “20” for the cents amount – for example, “$500.20
    • If you do not have a Pearland Pledge, but wish to make a donation to the Pearland Building Fund, use “19” in the cents amount – for example, “$250.19
  • Your receipt for tax deduction purposes will come immediately via email from PPGF, and not HCC. Be sure to retain these emails because there will be no consolidated year-end report from PPGF nor any website where you can download copies of past emailed receipts. (FYI, the effective tax date of your donation is when you make the donation to PPGF, even though HCC may not actually receive your donation from PPGF for up to 6 weeks)

The nice thing is that with PPGF there are no fees to either you or to HCC for using a credit card to fund your donation – 100% of your donation will go to HCC.


If you would like to make an offering donation to HCC’s General Fund, please go to the Name and Email address box checked if you want us to also show your donations on your Annual HCC Offering Record to be emailed late next January.


If there are any questions, please email