Church Council

While the members of HCC have ultimate responsibility over the doctrine, discipline, and direction of the church, we have appointed officers of the church to provide leadership in these very matters. We recognize the biblical offices of elder and deacon (1 Tim. 3:1-13). Together our elders and deacons serve on the Church Council and are advised by the Ministerial Staff.


Gary Ge


Niey-Bor Hsyung


Wenbiao Liu


David H


Jonathan Huang



Shen Wang

Chinese Youth

Raymond Tang

Cantonese Fellowship

Shaowen Hu

Chinese Fellowship

Jaw Ching Liu

Chinese Children Ministry

Thuy Kau

English Children's Ministry

Jonathan Liu

Chinese Family Life

Wei dong Wu

Chinese Community Service

Nathan Leu

English Welcoming & Receiving Ministry (W.A.R.M.)

Fang Fang

Chinese Assimilation

Xianyun Wu

Chinese Local Outreach

Alison Woo

English Local Outreach

Philip Lee

Global Outreach

Daniel Tung

English Adult Education

Showei Lo

Chinese Adult Education

Dean Yeh

Mandarin Worship

Ken Li

English Worship

Thomas Kwan

Cantonese Worship

Wilson Chuang

General Affairs

Paul Fong