Ministries at HCC

English Adult Sunday School classes meet every Sunday at 11:00am after the English worship service unless otherwise noted.

While in many churches Sunday School is becoming a relic of the past, we are committed to offering a robust Christian education ministry that instructs believers of all ages to live consistently within a biblical worldview as they grow into spiritual maturity.

Every three months, we offer a selection of courses that cover a range of topics including biblical studies, doctrine, spiritual disciplines, parenting, leadership, etc.

Spring 2020 Quarter Classes (March to May):


The Quest for a King Concludes: 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel

William Huang, Henry Ow, Dan Tung                    

Trailer 511

Israel’s first king failed to follow God faithfully. This prompted the appointment of David to be king. Unlike Saul, David desired to follow God in all that he did. There existed two kings in Israel at this time. But there can only be one. We’ll explore the descent of Saul from the throne and David’s ascent. For we await a king like David to assume his throne on this earth. Join us for the conclusion of the quest for a king.



High Impact Leadership

Pastor Fred Tow

Room 113

Leaders and potential leaders are invited to learn how to develop leadership skills, spiritual disciplines, administrative skills, ministerial skills, and relational skills. All students are required to do weekly homework to practice what they have learned in class.




Christian Ethics

John Hsieh, Samuel Huang, Jason Tarn

Room 115

Ethics is the study of right and wrong, and Christian ethics studies what is right and wrong for a Christian. Given the rapid advancement of technology, “What would Jesus do?” is an important and often difficult question for us to answer amongst the numerous moral issues that confront us today. The class will begin by discussing the Scriptural basis of Christian ethics and theoretical issues relating to Christian ethical reflection. Using topics from Davis’ Evangelical Ethics, the bulk of the class will be devoted to discussion of controversial ethical issues in bioethics and civil society.