Ministries at HCC

When you hear about discipleship, do you think it’s too great of a responsibility or time commitment? Do you wonder what can you offer to other women? Mark your calendars for our upcoming fall event with guest speaker Suzanne Wells. She will speak on the Biblical basis of discipleship and our call to be discipled and to make disciples. Registration deadline is October 27. You can register in the lobby after English service or online here For questions, please email

Women's Ministry

The vision of the Women’s Ministry at HCC is: To support, encourage, and train the women of Houston Chinese Church for the glory of God.

We strive to do this by providing intergenerational opportunities for women to gather to study the Bible, fellowship, and participate in community service. When women of different generations study and fellowship together, there are opportunities to forge meaningful relationships outside of our peer groups.

We currently have three annual events:

  • Spring gathering – one day event where we meet for worship, devotional, discussion, and craft/project.
  • Summer bible study – a weekly study where participants work through daily lessons for Bible study during the week, then meet once a week for small group discussion and teaching on the same topic.
  • Fall gathering – one day event where we meet for worship, devotional, discussion, and craft/project.

For more information, email

Mothers of Little Ones

Vision: We seek to support mothers through friendship, mentorship, and sharing God’s love and the gospel message as we intentionally build relationships with those in the neighboring community.

Meetings: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month from 9:30-11:30am, with occasional social outings (about once a month).

Contact us at to join the mailing list or for more info.