Ministries at HCC

HCC.YM - The Youth Ministry of Houston Chinese Church

HCC.YM is a ministry by youth, with family, as the church that exists for the sole purpose of helping youth and their families become God-loving and compassionate disciples of Jesus Christ among all nations.



We help you – teenager, mom, dad, or guardian – become a disciple of Jesus by inviting you to enter the family of God. In everything we do, the good news of Jesus stands at the center, and we hope that you'll choose to trust Him as you get to know Him. We want to give you the chance to engage your faith and the gospel in your day-to-day existence, seeing how Jesus really is better than everything else we're chasing after. And we want to provide you with opportunities to get involved in Kingdom work whether that is wiping down children's toys in the church building, packing backpacks for at-risk children, or teaching your younger peers the gospel. Kingdom work is all around us

Sunday Mornings - Oxygen


Every Sunday morning, we want to create an atmosphere where middle school and high school students can enter into the family of God as they find community with believers young and old who can point them to Jesus. In all that we do, we open up God’s word as we stress the centrality of the gospel, a love for God, and tools for growth.



1st Sunday of every month, 11:00a

On the first Sunday, we worship altogether with youth, youth volunteers, and parents. Our students point us to Jesus in song, lead discussion in groups that span all 7 grades (and beyond), and teach from the Bible.

Small Groups

2nd-5th Sundays of every month, 11:00a

After gathering together to catch up, we break out into small groups. In Oxygen Groups, students form friendships as they study the Bible, share and pray together, and play together.


For Parents and Guardians

We believe that the best mentors and spiritual guides for teenagers are moms, dads, and guardians. It’s God’s original plan and research bears this out – moms and dads have the greatest impact on a teenager’s spiritual life. Because of this, we make equipping and empowering Mom and Dad our top priority. Here is one of the ways we do that:

Youth Parent Luncheon


3rd Sunday of the month from 12:45-1:45p

Grab a lunch and join other parents of youth for support, prayer, and equipping in parenting tools.

Friday Nights - inSpire

Fridays, 7:30p to 9:00p

On Fridays, the whole gang gets together to hang out, play, sing, and dig deeper into our monthly topic. First Fridays are Game Nights where we build community together. Then we have two weeks of Bible study, looking for ways the gospel affects us at school and home, now and in the future. Then we end the month with a student-led discussion.


Discipleship Groups

We take discipleship very seriously at HCC.YM. For those committed to pursuing Jesus, we invite them to be a part of a Discipleship Group. These groups typically have three to four students of the same gender walking through life together with an adult. Groups form at the beginning of the school year; during that year, students help set their discipleship paths and receive individualized attention. Meeting times vary based on the availability of members.


Servant Teams

Students who want to be directly involved in leading their peers can start a Servant Team. Youth initiate, lead, and serve in an area of interest such as Music, Caring, and Justice. These are student-led teams with a ministry focus. Teams form throughout the year.