Emotional Health for Adolescents and Young Adults

This conference was presented April 30 – May 1, 2021:

English Conference

Chinese Conference

Depressed. Anxious. Suffocated. Withdrawn. Lonely. Isolated. Does this describe you or someone you know? These feelings have been surely been heightened during the pandemic. How do we respond to such challenges, and how will the eternal gospel of Jesus Christ equip believers to do good for those who are experiencing these health issues? Dr. Philip Siu will address these and other issues in a special Family Life conference.

Dr. Philip Siu (BA. Columbia University; MD. University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine) completed his residency at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and served as the Director of Chinese Health Information Center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Dr. Siu has been a pediatrician in the Greater Philadelphia region for over 22 years and his faithful service has received recognitions such as the Outstanding Leadership Award from Temple University and CDC Childhood Immunization Champion of Pennsylvania. Dr. Siu served the Chinatown community of Philadelphia while worshiping at the Chinese Christian Church and Center. When the daughter church, University City Chinese Christian Church, was planted, he was ordained as the elder. He has been a frequent speaker on parenting, vaccination, mental health and Christian living in the US and Asia.