English Prayer Meeting

While this pandemic continues, the English congregation will hold a weekly prayer meeting via Zoom. Each Wednesday evening from 7:30-8:30pm, the English congregation will conduct a Zoom prayer meeting (hcc.lv/EnglishPrayerMeeting). There will also be an optional “Hangout with the English Staff” from 8:30-9:00pm.

In our online prayer meetings, we’ll provide an opportunity for members to share immediate prayer needs for either themselves or someone else. Please submit the request through this Prayer Needs Form.

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

Praising God for Who He is

  • Praise God for his divine knowledge to know what we think even before we even speak it. 
  • Praise God for his love to discipline his children when we stray. 
  • Praise for his care to comfort the broken-spirited. 

Confessing to God for Falling Short

  • Confess that we devise wickedness in our thoughts.
  • Confess that we value the wisdom of the world more than the wisdom of God. 
  • Confess that we lack the humility to see our need for daily grace. 

Thanking God for What He Has Done

  • Thank God for his word refreshing the soul and enlightening the mind.
  • Thank God for including us in his kingdom as sons and daughters. 
  • Thank God for his mercy toward those who repent of sin.  

Interceding to God on Behalf of Others

  • Pray for the Naikda, a Hindu people group in Southern India, that they would desire to know God, who loves them and offers them abundant life. 
  • Pray for an end to the wildfires on the West Coast. 
  • Pray for believers to exercise wisdom in the upcoming presidential election when they vote. 
  • Pray for parents learning to create an environment for their children to learn at home. 
  • Pray for the upcoming Connect event: COVID Unwind to provide an environment for singles to reflect on their experiences in the pandemic.
  • Pray for the upcoming women’s ministry event: “Blessed to be a Blessing” to encourage our sisters to see how they might bless others. 
  • Pray for the ministry of the Pearland campus as its building nears completion. 
  • Pray for the Chinese congregation’s ESL ministry to find opportunities to share the gospel with its students.
  • Pray for our college ministry to find creative ways to connect with new and former students. 
  • Pray for God to provide resources to Shearn Elementary to enable students to learn virtually or in-person. 
  • Pray that the number of those infected by the coronavirus would decline. 
  • Pray for God to provide qualified members to serve as deacons and elders in the upcoming year. 
  • Pray for the sermon series in Micah to awaken our church’s affections for God.  
  • Pray for the English Buddy ministry as it thinks of new ways to connect with international students. 
  • Pray for the safety of medical personnel caring for COVID-19 patients.