Lenten Devotionals to Prepare for Easter

Easter is the backbone of Christianity. It is the most important day of the entire year. Yet, because of our busy lifestyle, we often do not take time to value, reflect and celebrate the wonderful work of Christ on the cross.

Lent is often described as a time of preparation and an opportunity to go deeper with God. It is a time for personal reflection that prepares people’s hearts and minds for Good Friday and Easter. Lent spans 40 days (not including Sundays) from Ash Wednesday to the Saturday before Easter. This year, Lent is February 17th until April 3rd.

HCC has prepared some valuable resources for you to use for Lent. These can be used personally or with your family members or friends. Please take advantage of these materials to draw closer to the Lord.

Adult and Youth Resources:

Family Resources:

  • The New City Catechism (Crossway), consider going through this for the first time or as a a review with your family during Lent. If you go thru one question per day, you can cover all 52 questions and answers by Easter morning. You can purchase the original book, devotional or use the free app available in iOS or Android versions. If you use the app, it includes Scripture readings, short prayers and devotional commentary, as well as kid-friendly songs.