Global Missions

The message of God’s heart for all nations (ethne = people groups) is a central theme of the Bible, where God desires every Christian to be involved in some way in bringing the Gospel to unreached people groups, wherever Christians and unreached people may be. It is to God’s glory that people from every tribe, nation, and tongue worship Him!  Global missions is a universal Christian responsibility that cannot be ignored. Find out how you can participate in God’s glorious mission to the unreached peoples of our world.

Please direct all missions-related inquires to

Houston Welcomes Refugees

Help refugee families resettle in Houston. Gather household items to create Welcome Kits. Volunteer for a Move-In Team. Support a family as they make Houston their home on a Welcome Team. Please visit to get involved or donate. For more information contact Connie Gor at

Myanmar Relief Fundraiser

Aug 22nd – Sept 26th 
Emergency Relief Fundraiser for Myanmar via CNEC. Write “Myanmar Relief” on cash envelope or check memo line. Paypal Giving Fund: add 5 cents to donation amount (e.g. $100.05). Check out the HCC Myanmar Relief Fundraiser page for more information. For more information contact Michael at

Short-Term Missions

The purpose of short-term missions is to help those involved in missions to grasp the grace of God and further develop their own and other’s relationships with Christ while personally sharing and spreading the Gospel with the people they encounter.

East Asia English Camps
Assist long-term missionaries in their work to reach various people groups
Assist in local business, infrastructure, and educational development
Medical missions
Volunteering at missions organization conferences
Kazakhstan Church planting and supporting local pastoral staff and pastoral ministry
Panama Assisting and supporting the local church through an annual English Camp for local youth
Belize Conduct VBS in partnership with local churches
English camps for local youth
United States Urban missions in the Houston metro area and the city of Philadelphia










Missionary Support

Supporting long-term and career missionaries serving across the globe is an essential component of the Global Outreach Ministry. It is the mission of HCC to financially and spiritually support career missionaries and those who have committed to short-term missions.

Seminarian Support

HCC desires to equip those who have decided to pursue full-time ministry as their career with financial and spiritual support so that they can better carry out the mission of Christ to those that they will eventually serve.

HCC is committed to…

  • Offering summer or one-year internships to recently-graduated and current seminary students to help students and graduates apply what they have learned in the classroom to the real world.
  • Offering support for ministry placement upon graduation.
  • Financial support for seminarians to full-time seminary students.

Missions Education

The purpose of missions education is to raise the awareness of the importance of missions and the purpose and reasons why Christians reach out to non-Christians. In pursuing this goal, the Outreach Ministry is committed to evangelism education and encouraging those that have had prior evangelistic experiences to share their experiences with those that are contemplating being a part of short-term or long-term missions.

In order to make external missions education opportunities more accessible, the Missions Education Subcommittee financially, logistically, and spiritually supports those that desire to learn more about missions through missions conferences and other missions education venues.

Missions education conferences and classes that HCC has promoted attendance in the past include: