Public Theology Lectures

What are HCC Public Theology Lectures?

A recurring lecture series hosted by Houston Chinese Church where visiting scholars are invited to help fellow believers to think Christianly on a variety of topics such as philosophy, politics, economics, science, art, literature, and more. Lectures will typically occur in a series of four consecutive weeks and will usually take place at HCC on Saturdays from 5:00pm to 6:15pm.

What are the goals of these lectures?

  • Primarily, to edify minds and encourage hearts through robust theological reflection.
  • Secondarily, to provide attendees, at the close of each lecture, a range of informal opportunities to fellowship over a meal or other engaging activities. 

Who can attend these lectures?

The Public Theology lectures are open to everyone in the church in all three language congregations – as well as to your friends, colleagues, and neighbors. The lectures themselves will be conducted in English. Children and youth are welcomed to join.

What if I missed the lecture?

You can watch recordings of the Public Theology Lectures on Youtube through this playlist.