Thrive Retreat: Living Out Your Faith in the 9-5

Register for the Thrive Retreat: May 27-30, 2022

The Thrive Retreat is a retreat for young professionals of all walks of life to learn Biblical knowledge and apply it to their respective careers. This year’s theme is “Designed to Thrive: Living out your faith in the 9-5.” Some topics that the workshops and Pastor Joey Chen will go over are the Modern Day Sabbath, Faithful Finance, Work/Family Balance, Contentment VS Complacency, Workplace Depression/Loneliness, Mentoring/Mentorship, Time Management, and Leading When You’re not in Charge.

Registration: closes may 8!

Date: May 27-30, 2022

Location: Trinity Pines (4341 FM356, Trinity, TX 75862).

Contact jamesxiaohugao(at)gmail(dot)com for questions; go to to register!